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The Weighting, Episode Three: Derailed But On Track

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After a week of eating, David is ready to get back on the pony and drop these final pounds.

But then friends come to visit. And then more friends. So his plans of sliced turkey and a 9:30 bedtime are put to the limit.

Later in the show, he talks to journalist and comedian Steve Calechman about how thoughts influence or beliefs about ourselves and our future.

After feeding up I weighed in at 225! So even more weight to lose before 7/4/18.

So instead of being cautious and careful, I started entertaining guests from out of town and going to events at my church. Temptations abounded but I got in all my workouts and did not even take a nibble.

It was sunny and I took full advantage of it. On days like this I wear as little as I need to to stay cool.

pre-gym on a Sunday Saturday

So even though it was a busy fun weekend, I stayed on course.

The show transcript will be posted when available.

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