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How Relationships Effect Our Fitness

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David is faced with a big change--living alone (at least for a while)--and had no idea what was going to happen next. As a result of the change he had a binge eating episode that scared him. So he took action--reaching out to friends, finding a therapist and leaning into his work. Depression and anxiety only make the world smaller if you let them.

Relationships--friendships, roommates, romantic--can have a significant effect on our emotions. And emotional change creates change in behavior--sometimes with surprising results.

Here's an example of the good way that can occur; listeners Carolyn and Tanner join us from Germany to talk about how they encourage and sustain fitness in each other's lives. Intermittent fasting is the method they used and David has a few questions about how it works. Teamwork, and love is what helps them help each other.

Later the delightful Stephanie Wright (@theWrightMethods) gives some tips on holiday dining and parties.

And to wrap it up, David places and unscheduled call to Ryan about rather disappointing bodpod results. As a result, he lays out a new plan of action for 2019.

Happy holidays everyone!

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