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Endings & Beginnings with Ryan L'Ecuyer

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WARNING: Strong language (and a few tears) are in this episode!

I have a confession: this is my favorite episode out of the twenty (?!) we have produced. I hope you can hear the great affection I have for my friend Ryan as we talk about our years working together.

In this conversation we cover so many topics:

The immolation of Thích Quảng Đức;

The challenge of disconnecting from working with clients;

Singing bowls and meditation;

Not being ashamed of tears;

Mary Bowen my legendary friend and Pilates elder who combines exercise and therapy;

Costa Rica;

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron and Terminator;

Thanks to you all for listening! I have learned so much and appreciate your comments and support. And special thanks to the ever-patient Patrick Fort (producer) and the unflappable Joe Angol (engineer at Lounge Studios in NYC).

We will see you in a few months with ten more episodes of The Weighting.

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