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Episode 8 Glinda the Good

It's been a busy two weeks of learning about my body and learning about the craft of podcasting as well. I started off strong with a great weigh-in that I thought would lead to smaller and better things.

Later that week I attended the Talkers Magazine Annual Convention and learned a great deal about the art of pod and broadcasting with masters of the art. One of the biggest thrills was meeting The Amazing Kreskin at lunch.

with Kreskin--amazing!

Even though we look very solemn, getting to know him was a blast! This is the "I'm having my mind read" look that he told me to have for the photographer but it was hard not to smile. I'm hoping to have him on a future episode...what an inspiration at 83!

I learned a lot that day, picked through a catered lunch that had its share of empty calories (so much bread...) and got a lot of great ideas and few phone numbers from some industry heavyweights.

I've come to realize how much Superman has been internalized by me as a model of how to life my life. I was talking to Ryan about an image from Superman #1 almost from the moment I started lifting weights. I talk about wearing my old Superman classic shirt to the movies and since then I have gotten a few more. I think anyone would be hard-pressed to find a better model for healthy living.

a little bit Clark, a little bit Kal-El :)

the show started getting attention

The podcast was starting to get some attention and I have to say I have been delighted with hearing from folks all over the place who are enjoying and learning from my story. And it's real time folks. I am learning in front of all of you. I've never done this and it's in real-time friends. So regardless of where I land I am better than I was then I started.

And it began to look like I was drifting upward a bit at a time. A few weeks earlier I had been 214 but now I was headed up to 216, 218, 220. But what I am discovering is that I might be looking at the wrong number. It seems body fat is the important number and accessing that number is a lot harder than finding out how much I weigh.

drifting up

leaner and heavier is real

leaner and heavier is real friendos

Program Transcript Will Be Posted Soon

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