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Episode 10: And the Winner is...Me!

Success is measured in a variety of ways. A year ago I could not wear this bracelet. Now it is a loose more sign I am headed in the right direction even though the numbers on the scale don't necessarily show it to be true.

It seems throughout the summer long I am getting invited to an increasing amount of events--networking, alumni, professional--and everyone wants to get together and eat and drink things that are not-so-awesome for you. And for the most part, I keep making choices that reflect my long-term goal of being a healthier version of me. It is not perfect--I had a cocktail at one event (7.2 for the year) and I had 12 baked vegetable tidbits at the event above. I look at my intake for the day, record what I am eating and move forward. And of course I workout because "I don't miss workouts." I did have a few days over the holiday weekend where I missed one because the gym closed early or the one I was planning on using was closed. But the next day I made it up and kept going.

At the end of this week's episode I said I was going to climb the Statue of Liberty with a friend. It finally got to the 4th of July and on the way to the statue when we got an announcement that there was "suspicious activity" and we would not be landing on Liberty Island. So we cruised around the island and I tweeted pictures and video to news outlets letting them know. I got interviewed via Twitter and actually saw one of my tweets used in a news story as events unfolded.

If you want to make God laugh, make plans. It turns out a woman protesting ICE family separation was scaling the base of the statue and they were in a standoff. So we returned to shore--but at least I got a crown :)

So that is that for this season of The Weighting. My producer and assistant and I are whomping up a heaping helping of great new episodes about ten areas of interest expressed to me by you, our listeners. If you have any ideas or questions in between seasons give me a shout at or call the listener line at 347.687.3057.

See you at the end of September for season two of The Weighting.

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