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Cutting Fat with MyMacros+

I took a few months off to give my metabolism a break. That translated into eating a lot more and lifting lighter weights. The eating was really tricky--going from 1700 to 2500 calories a day. I know it sounds silly, but after a year for varying restricted diets finding whole foods that were protein rich was a challenge.

my calories really jumped during my break--it was harder to eat so much more!

As shown above, I missed the 2500 calorie goal by a little more than 100 points on the 17th of August. But it was great eating a lot more food than I had in almost (maybe slightly more than) a year.

have to love an NYC bagel!

And my workouts shifted to heavier weights and smaller sets, such as the one below:

working out with heavier weights and smaller sets

But by the end of August I was oh so ready to get back on the ball. So I told Ryan to revise my workout and the focus shifted to lighted weights and higher reps of each exercise.

now I use lighter weight and higher reps

I'm combining the old workout strategy with Macro Coach on MyMacros+ to customize my eating plan. Download MyMacros+ and you can follow me to see my progress. My username is DaveinNYC.

back in the gym and ready to go!

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