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How Do I Ever Know I’m NOT Fat?

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I asked my buddy Stephen Campolo how he knew when he wasn't fat. I asked my trainer how I would know. And the answer is always a mixed one. It seems no one knows when or where the precise line is when it comes to being a fit person.

I now know weight does not work. And although I talk about body composition--how we see ourselves--I think that can be very skewed by our minds.

Of course we have body fat measurement, and it's probably as close as we are going to come to a gold standard. But it's hard to do and costly. Is there a simpler measure?

In this episode we look at the BMI, the BAI, the BVI and other methods to decide if I, or you, or any of us, is actually fit.

So give it a listen and let me know what you think...any ideas on how to tell when any of us are done pursing fitness? Are we ever?

on my way home after a long workout!

the blue bandana means serious business

My workout has really changed this month. If you don't know what an AMRAP workout is look it up--better yet give it a try. I thought it would kill but as the saying goes, it's just making me stronger. :)

AMRAP is tough--but it's kinda cool too

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