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The Weighting Episode 4: "Stumbling Forward"

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In this episode (which covers April 17 to April 30th), your eternally optimistic host quickly realizes something he keeps forgetting--I am not a robot. I cannot do everything I want to do, regardless of how hard I try.

Part of my daily commute, Grand Central either early in the morning or late in the evening...

The practice I am the CEO of, Darien Wellness, was booming and my work with my private coaching clients had maxed out as well. Add to that the gym, my food prep, The Weighting and oh, let's not forget the minor matter of my moving from Harlem to Midtown Manhattan....as I say in this episode, I had clearly bitten off more than I could chew.

As a result of the overcommitment and exhaustion I was letting details slip...going a little over on my calories, going a little under in my gym attendance, even missing multiple weigh-ins. As a result my weight loss numbers flatlined... :(

"Forgetting" weigh-ins became a new behavior....

When things don't work, we have a few choices. We can either keep doing the same thing, we can tweak the plan or we can abandon the plan and go back to the same old thing.

So at the end of the first week I wrote a contract with myself.

Point number one: No missed workouts.

Point number two: Perfect nutrition every day and point number

Point number three; shave 200 calories off my already tight eating plan.

Writing it down and sharing it with Ryan and others in my close circle made it real for me. From now until the 4th of July these three rules are inviolate. I've got to reach this goal and these three rules, along with daily weigh-ins will keep me on track.

Embracing the data around any big change--career, personal, educational, financial, personal--is an important part of success. I had let mine slip in all this hullabaloo, but I won't make that mistake again.

At the end of two weeks I was kinda settled into my new place and very settled in to the idea that I am going to do this, and do it right, whatever the end result may be.

Please don't ask why I am moving a vintage bookshelf on the subway

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