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The Weighting, Episode 5: Slow Change Artist

The first week of May was the first chance since all this had started that I could deal with my "normal" seventy hour a week schedule, sans guests or moving all my belongings from Uptown to Downtown.

Wearing summer wear on a cool day

I happily settled back into Midtown Manhattan living (I had lived there once before) and walked all over enjoying the sun and the towers that dominate that neighborhood.

It was cool for May (climate change is real dear readers) but I wore as little as I could without freezing when I was out of work. I am done with coats!

A summary of my weekly calories from MyMacros+

I honored all the terms of the contract, never missing a workout and making sure my newly reduced caloric intake was on the mark every time. One new challenge arose because of the modified diet; getting 200 grams of protein on a 1700 calorie day is harder than I thought it would be.

In reality, my renewed dietary scrutiny stoked me so much on the first day I was behind, way behind on my food. But my excitement, as well as my hunger, soon had me back on track.

You see all these photos of my nutrition, caloric goals and weigh-ins? They come from the best app out there for anyone serious about understanding their body and their nutrition. It's called MyMacros+ and it is the best app for those serious about understanding the relationship between nutrition, calories and consumption. In this episode I interview the founder and CEO of the app, Jason Loewy, who was generous enough to sit down on a Saturday and talk macros. I hope you enjoy the interview--he is such a knowledgeable and friendly guy!


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