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Episode 9 Bod Pod

Measuring weight is easy. Measuring body fat not so much.... So David hopped into an egg-shaped device called the Bod Pod to get a more precise measure of his body fat.

David in the Bod Pod

Ready for this egg to hatch!

I sat down with the CEO of Fitnescity, Laila Zemrani to talk about how to measure body fat without being immersed in water.

After our meeting I realized I was wearing another shirt that needed to be donated to charity. It seems that even though my weight is stable, my body composition is continuing to be more lean.

I had a wonderful surprise when friends from the South were in town for the day. They are both fitness-folk so I did not have to explain my rather eccentric eating schedule. Here we are at one of my favorite food carts, getting my beloved chicken over salad (not chicken salad...a very different proposition).

Later that same day at a church function, a wonderful church friends decided to test my resolve at the end of the day. Remember dear readers, every day involves hundreds of choices that move you toward (or away) from your goal.

just say no to cookies!

just say no to cookies!

The show transcript will be posted when it is ready.

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