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Thinking Errors That Keep You Fat (part one)

In order to create lasting change in your fitness, understanding the psychology of weight loss is crucial.

This is the first of a two-parter on cognitive distortions, which I call by the more user-friendly term thinking errors, which is a concept from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). All of us are born with thinking errors, and understanding them is essential to having a full-life.

The three cognitive distortions mentioned in this episode are:

Black and White Thinking--seeing everything as a binary;

Should Thinking--comparing ideals about what your life should be as opposed to what it is;

Emotional Reasoning--confusing feelings with facts.

My workout shifts every month and this month Ryan has got me doing assisted pull-ups. I confess on the show I have never done a pull up in my life and Ryan sees it as a reasonable goal by the year's end--one single pull-up. You may recall what a train setting a fitness goal for this show has been in the past, but I do far better with setting goals and regardless of if I achieve them or not, I'm usually better off for the effort.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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