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Episode 7: High Hopes

This episode covers two weeks so there's lots of weigh-ins and numbers in this week's show. So here are a few screen shots for those of you into that sort of thing :)

On May 19th, I hit a magic number!

Here are graphs of my weigh-ins for both the weeks this episode covers.

As you can see, I had plenty to be delighted with as my weight started dropping on May 17th. I was shocked, and you can hear it in the episode, on the 19th when I was hoping for 215 (best case) and instead wound up at 214.2 on the 19th (I actually weighed myself multiple times that day and 214.2 was the lowest, even though it's not on the show.

As I got into the second week, I was equally shocked when my weight jumped--it always does when I exercise--but it did not go back down. In actuality, it kept creeping back up.

It was a busy week with lots of activities, but my diet stayed on track. I'm enclosing a shot of my first and second breakfasts (a nod to The Office)

I think Kevin and I have different ideas about what a "meal" is, but he is not on MyMacros+. Speaking of which, here is one of my weekly summaries from this episode--take a look at what my most common food items were...

As you can see, I eat a lot of Stronger Bars (they follow me on Twitter, but no sponsorship yet), lots of whole chickens and quite a bit of kombucha for it's probiotic effects. I don't condone eating the same thing day after day, but it's a reality of my diet and lifestyle that I have easy whole foods at my fingertips (isn't Stronger a food group?).

I end the episode with a mix of ups and downs, but regardless of what my numbers look like, I might be be off track, but I'm still feeling Super!

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